Available Now – the NEW TEoC Gigakit Range

Create a Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point Gigabit Network (1Gbps) over existing Coax Cables

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If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of an installation with poor or no ethernet infrastructure or Wi-Fi coverage (and re-cabling is not an option / is cost prohibitive), the TEoC Gigakit (310500) is an ideal option.

  • Creates an Ethernet Infrastructure by re-using existing Coax cable for TV and Data
  • Improves the Wireless Network by adding an AP for reliable In-Room Wi-Fi

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax Gigabit Kit (Point to Point) easily creates a Gigabit network over existing coax cable.  Simple to install with Plug & Play technology, just one button press securely pairs devices.  TEoC Gigakit is the smart choice to:

  • Hardwire to SkyQ Mini STB’s, Games Consoles, Smart TV’s, etc
  • Expand Wi-Fi Networks (requires 3rd party AP)
  • Create Point to Point Ethernet Links over Coax up to 1km (* 1km = ~ 50 Mbps – no Terrestrial at this distance)
  • Create Point to Multi-Point IP Networks
  • Avoid Wi-Fi Router spectrum congestion in MDU’s
  • Create long distance Ethernet links in Industrial or Commercial environments

Expand your TEoC GigaKit Point to Point Kit (310500) with the TEoC Receiver Plus (310502) to expand your installation up to 7 points (when used with correct number of TEoC RX+ and TEoC + Splitter) to create a Point to Multi-Point Gigabit Network over existing coax cables.

  • Simple to install with Plug & Play technology
  • Connect places Wi-Fi cannot reach
  • For IP Over Coax

Choose from the following TEoC + Splitters (sold separately) depending on installation requirements:

TEoC + 1 Splitter                310503

TEoC + 2 Splitter                310504

TEoC + 6 Splitter                310505

Installers can benefit from:

  • Competitive pricing for installation
  • Time saving – get more work done
  • Simple to Install – one button press to Pair
  • Simple, more familiar, F type Terminations
  • Plug & Play Installation – no set up required
  • Robust and reliable IP Network option
  • Further reach than CAT6
  • Easy to extend Wi-Fi coverage – just add an AP
  • Compact design – easy to secrete behind TV’s
  • Quality looking product

End clients can benefit from:

  • Cost savings by re-using existing cables
  • Clean installation – no drilling or mess
  • No unsightly new cable runs
  • Hardwired Ethernet connection
  • Robust and reliable connectivity
  • Low latency for gaming
  • Better Wi-Fi coverage – by simply adding an Access Point for In-Room Wi-Fi
  • Maintain existing TV Services
  • Minimal downtime for Installation

How does it work?

  • Triax Ethernet over Coax GigaKit delivers high speed internet over an existing Coax installation
  • TEoC uses Technology in the 2-200MHz frequency range
  • Works with Terrestrial TV Signal – sends TV & Data through the same existing Coax cable
  • TEoC GigaKit consists of: 1 x Controller, 1 x Receiver, 1 x 2 Way TV/Data Combiner & 1 x 48V PSU
  • PoC (Power over Coax) – the TEoC Controller provides remote power to the TEoC Receiver
  • Up to 7 x TEoC Receivers* can be linked to 1 x TEoC Controller (*to follow – requires local power)
  • Use with TRIAX straight through outlets for maximum throughput and bandwidth (304122, 304123, 304109 – use SAT2/Q only)

Buying these Triax products in France?

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